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    Is That Fruit on Your Face?

    Putting fresh fruit puree on your face makes you gorgeous! It makes you look and feel refreshed, leaving your skin bright and glowing. It’s great for a natural beauty routine, and fantastic for your skin. And the best part? It’s quick, easy, and very effective for all sorts of skin ailments ranging from dry skin to acne prone skin.

    Utilizing this little beauty trick is as simple as rubbing a strawberry top (with some flesh still on it) over your skin, and then leaving the juice on while you munch on your strawberries. Pretty easy!

    There is however one golden rule to follow when using fruits and veggies on your face, and that is: Only apply a fruit mask once a week if you’re using citrus or any other acidic produce (like pineapple and tomatoes), and up to three times a week with everything else. If you follow this rule, you’re good to go!

    Eat Your Fruit and Wear it too! Simple Fruit Mask Recipes

    So why put fruit on your face?


    Fruits and veggies have tons of vitamins, minerals, exfoliating acids, and antioxidants that are beneficial for every skin type, and nearly ALL of them help treat acne literally from the inside out. Their exfoliating acids slew off dead skin cells, helping unclog pores, reduce inflammation, and brighten skin tone. With regular use, you can lighten hyper-pigmentation from acne, age spots, and even a tan that’s too dark. So slather on that fruit!

    Favorite Single Ingredient Fruit Puree Masks

    1. Citrus-

    You can use any citrus you like to make a simple citrus fruit mask like lemon, lime, orange, or tangerine. The fruit acids will gently thin the epidermal layer, effectively smoothing fine lines and exfoliating dead skin cells, not to mention this is the most brightening fruit mask you can make.

    To apply the mask, either squeeze the juice from a wedge of citrus, or rub a slice (or even the rind) over clean skin and leave on no more than 15 minutes. Be sure not to get too much sun afterwards, as citrus can make your skin a bit photosensitive. This effect will go away a few hours after using this mask.

    2. Melon-

    Melon juice is very moisturizing, so it’s perfect for dry skin (if you have oily skin, use cucumber). My favorites include cantaloupe and honeydew, but you can use pretty much any melon. I like to leave this fruit mask on for at least 30 min. All you have to do is mash up a small amount of melon with a fork and apply the juice in an even layer to your skin. You can even just rub the rind on your face after you’ve eaten a slice.

    3. Berries-

    In my experience, berry masks are best for acne prone skin. Their high antioxidant content is the most healing and soothing of the fruit facial masks. Berry juice will also brighten, firm, tone the skin, and tighten pores.

    4. Other Miscellaneous Fruit Options-

    Some other great fruits to use include: kiwis, apples, mangoes, papaya (this one is great for moisturizing!), and pears.

    Have fun trying different fruits! It’s so easy to incorporate into your beauty routine. Eating an apple? Slice off a piece and apply it to your face. Have dry skin? Mash up a piece of banana and apply it for 30 minutes for smooth skin!

    I find it easiest to do these fruit masks in the morning while eating breakfast and before putting on any mineral make-up. Sometimes I’ll even put them on while soaking in the bath for a relaxing treat that smells great!

    I hope you have fun tying out fruit masks! What are your favorites?

    If you would like to purchase fruit facial products, try these:

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